History: Corwin Media & Horror Website Designs

When I recently began my painstaking search for a day job, I became frustrated that I wasn’t able to really demonstrate the areas I shine in WordPress website design and SEO.

Sure, most of the horror and science fiction-themed sites I created between 2010 and 2015 are offline now, but the actual roadblock, I felt at the time, was that I’ve primarily focused on helping horror and science fiction entertainment pros.

Some of the designs are bloody and full of gory design elements. Some were crafted lovingly for industrial and experimental musicians. Others include HUGE name drops that non-horror or industrial music fans may not even recognize.

Finally, I made a decision and updated the horror website design portfolio on my website, knowing full well potential employers might see my past work and judge me based on the horror content, etc. And I’m good with it. It’s something to be very proud of!

I had the honor of working with premiere horror and haunt attraction web designers and brilliant dark artists. My teams created freaky and gorgeous WordPress websites for world renowned artists, writers, filmmakers, actors, horror cons, and more.

Some of the name drops?

  • I’ve worked on two projects involving Nivek Ogre from Skinny Puppy/oHgr and also two with Doug Bradley (‘Pinhead’ in the Hellraiser series).
  • Crafted e-commerce sites for artist and illustrator Allen Jaeger (graphic artist for Ministry, Skinny Puppy, Tricky, Phil Western) and for horror artist Chris Kuchta
  • Crafted an e-commerce site for Texas Frightmare Weekend, one of the largest horror cons in the US and also for the Horrible Imaginings Film festival in San Diego, CA
  • Designed a gorgeous Giallo-themed site for Chris Alexander who, at the time, was editor in chief over at Fangoria Magazine. He was working on projects with Ogre of Skinny Puppy, so I was again able to be an ultra fan girl and support Ogre through the clients I served.

These sites were mainly produced in 2010-2015, and most are no longer live or have been modified drastically from the original design. I then swung into handling more mainstream clients on a very rare basis.

My roles while freelancing in the horror realm include WordPress design and development, SEO manager, proposal scoping and writing, creating budgets and timelines for web design projects, web project management, and hiring and management of multiple contractors helping out on many different projects.

Owning and managing a five-star horror design and SEO agency was such an amazing and fulfilling time in my life, and I look back on that time with joy 😊

I offer 20 years of organic search engine marketing talent and the ability to turn dreams into a profitable reality.

Whether my clients or employers are mainstream or work in the darker and stranger realms of media and creative output, I can make them shine online!

Need help? Send me a note!

Selection of Past Horror Website Designs