Meet Brea Corwin

Digital Artist
Writer (Web Copy, Fiction, Poetry)
Organic SEO Manager
Technical SEO Strategist
WordPress Website Designer

I create visually striking and impactful digital art, photomanipulations, and glitch art designs with a focus on creating glitched and distressed imagery of horror and other dark themes to explore existence as a neurodivergent human.

My passion for the macabre and grotesque allows me to bring a twisted perspective to my work, resulting in imagery that is both disturbing and evocative.

Distorted pixels echoing distorted perceptions – each glitched image is an emotional heartbeat of a neurodivergent life, a collision of autistic specificity and ADHD spontaneity, each buckling of structure, each errant line a brushstroke in this Chaotic masterpiece of my existence.

The works I create are not for the faint of heart, but for those who seek to delve into the strange, the disturbing, the unknown. This is not an art of defects. My art is a declaration of my neural divergence.

My organic search marketing skills include:

  • Strategizing, curating, and search-optimizing multimedia content and update websites via WordPress CMS.
  • Working solo, or with other talented design professionals, to craft visually stunning, mobile-friendly standard and e-commerce WordPress website designs.
  • Developing, managing, and supporting clients’ day-to-day website needs, digital marketing, and online sales initiatives with fast response times and a dedication to superior customer service.

The creative powerhouses I’ve worked with on a freelance basis include:

  • Internationally-renowned, award-winning horror and science fiction entertainment professionals
  • Academy award-winning VFX artists
  • Creatives of all kinds: musicians, writers, performance and visual artists, photographers
  • Horror genre film festivals


As a passionate and curious problem solver, I am deeply interested in understanding how and why people search and I’m well-versed in the latest SEO trends and best practices.

My detail-oriented and data-informed approach to my work allows me to see the big picture while still handling the artistry and nuances of organic SEO, while making decisions using a quantitative and pragmatic approach.

I am ambitious, trustworthy, and capable, always taking ownership of my work and striving to deliver measurable and profitable results.

INFJ-T Personality

INFJ-T — The Turbulent Advocate (explore my personality profile in detail at

Role: Diplomat (Traits: intuitive, feeling) — Ideological, values empathy, and holds a preference for a humanistic perspective

Strategy: Constant Improvement (Strategy describes how personality types act in response to the world around them and how they might choose to accomplish things.)


University of Minnesota-Twin Cities
Bachelor of Arts: English (Honors with  Distinction: Magna cum Laude)

Minor: Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature with focus on horror, Gothic and science fiction literature and film theory.  Additional studies in feminism, fairy tales, and folklore.

University of Saint Thomas
Mini-MBA, Nonprofit Management

Brea Corwin

GA Certification

Tech SEO Certification


“I hired Brea and her team to create the website and logos for my annual film festival–the Horrible Imaginings Film Festival in San Diego.

From the initial consultation to the day when I was able to go live with my new fully-functional website, Brea’s work was the very definition of exemplary.

She is very good at taking the vision of her clients and translating them into a website that is thematically appropriate, easy to use, clean, and engaging.

Her explanations of SEO and some of the more technical aspects of web visibility are concise, easy to understand, and non-threatening for those of us who are flummoxed by the jargon.

Her pricing is the most reasonable I’ve seen, especially considering the level of quality she delivers. I can’t recommend Brea enough!”

~ Miguel R, Horrible Imaginings Film Festival

“Brea has a rare combination of discipline and creativity. Her background in web design means she knows about the back end of a site, and what it takes to rank well. She is my go-to person for questions about SEO – from code to link building.

Along with the impressive technical knowledge, her writing ability is stellar. My favorite aspect of Brea is her energetic and motivating personality. She captivates her clients with her SEO knowledge, and the results show in traffic and rankings.”

~ Brynn J, Copywriter – SaaS, B2B & Startups

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