Tonight the Monkey Dies

What to Expect

Updated 2/11/2018

This website is brand spanking new, the product of about two years of hemming and hawing and sitting on the pot without shitting.

The story of my journey towards living a truly full and productive life as a writer and artist will be told here, and my social hubs, via writing projects (verse, prose, etc), digital art, and photography. Eventual public performances will include rope, fire and electricity.

My words and influences include: horror, sci-fi, fantasy, erotic poetry, the odd and obscene, memoir and truthPlay, magical realism/fabulism. I’m no poet. But poems happen, so…one posts the least misshapen of them.

The blog posts and writing examples dated prior to 9/9/2017 were culled from old blogs, online resumes, and experiments.  I wrestled with re-posting some older, deeply vulnerable posts–in the interest of honoring my Story, I let them remain. I can’t deny my Darkness–it’s foolish and asking for trouble to ignore or minimize it.

Don’t expect perfection of verse, prose, or form in the Journal entries or News items. Those aren’t posted for art’s sake. They’re simply snapshots of a more raw and genuine, less formal me.

Photoshoots & Other Media

The featured image for this post is a candid shot, chopped up and repurposed, from my recent photoshoot w the illustrious @JenniiDigital slinging their make-up skills all over me and providing photography and digital manipulation.

The purpose of the photoshoot was to generate imagery for creating this new website and for social media use. Our adventures provided more than I could have ever imagined working with. It’ll be a couple weeks before the final images are tweaked, painted, shredded, and distressed.

It’s not the most comfortable thing for me to get in front of a camera for any reason, or any reflective surface at all, anymore. I don’t know what I’m looking at when I look in the mirror. Is it awful? Is it beautiful? Is it a monster?

It’s not a ‘self-esteem’ or body dysmorphia thing. I’ve simply transformed and morphed so hard over the last 24 months, a long and dedicated work of personal development and self-improvement.

I actually don’t recognize myself, inside or out. As new photography and projects are documented and uploaded, you won’t be alone on your journey through me and my Art.

I’ll be right there with you, re-discovering myself. Sometimes alone, sometimes with others. Sometimes with pain or purposeful, sensual distress.

I always welcome conversations and questions and encourage you to come find me at my social hubs.


The song below is from my playlist created for my WIP “Animals”. The feeling is one of finally making something incredibly important, something essential happen.

With this website finally going live–the Monkey finally dies.