Selection of Projects

These are some of my favorite projects (both past and recent). I’ve designed many websites solo since 2006 (HTML and WordPress) and have also enjoyed amazing collaborations with other incredibly talented horror and science fiction web designers over the years.

In particular, the websites created in cybernetic symbiosis with the illustrious Jennii (SciFi Guru) have been some of the most graphically stunning and well-received. Jennii is the most talented, trustworthy, and capable graphic designer, illustrator, and WordPress developer and designer I’ve ever worked with. I’ve seen them take WordPress coding issues and design challenges and turn them into something truly unique–-websites that are functional and stunning interactive Art.

Eibon Press: Collectible Horror Comics – 2017

EIBON PRESS was founded in 2016 by Shawn Lewis and Stephen Romano as a publishing alternative to the mainstream of comic books. Combining highly collectible prestige packaging with top of the line printing, Eibon specializes in high end graphic novel style single issue comic books, which each come encased in special proprietary album sleeves, sealed and stickered by hand in shrinkwrap-like collectible record albums.

Eibon is the home of Fulci Comics, a fully licensed series of movie tie-in comic books, based on the most popular horror films of the late Italian movie maestro Lucio Fulci. Visit Eibon Press at

Knobs For Five – Handmade Cribbage Boards – 2016

Andrew said: “There is something that happens when two artists fall into geosynchronous orbit. The gravity and ever increasing rapidity of spin produces energy, the kind of energy that invariably ends in a gamma ray burst powered by a blackhole shattering this dimension of reality and entering a new time and space continuum. Colloquially, this event is personified as Muse. I have had the monstrously good fortune to know such a Muse for going on twenty years now.

All artists know the golden ticket that opens the door from vision into creation. When B and I embarked on the creation of my website, I knew full well the ride I would be taking, atop a Fire Horse, gold ticket in hand, and going places I hadn’t even dreamt of passing by. That is B’s insanely creative gift: to SEE and FEEL another person’s vision and lead them to realities they never thought possible.

Quite simply, she opened up my craft not just to public peeps, but to me, as well. She is dedicated…no, dogged in giving her clients every axon she has in order to provide her clients every tool, skill, and opportunity to succeed. It’s that elusive, nebulous “personal touch” so oft spoken of but rarely seen in a culture puppeteered by bloated corporations.

Furthermore, B’s wicked wordsmith skills allow her to articulate ideas both grand and technical in terms that won’t just provide understanding but fucking INSPIRE. B took the idea I had for my website and made it real, made it better, and created a space that I wanted to fill, to fill with product worthy of her brilliant design. In other words, I have to live up to the creative and professional and beautiful image of my business that is shown to the world.

And it’s paying off! A realtor couple saw the website and decided they will be ordering custom work to give as gifts to their clients. Incredible. I am in awe of B’s mad tech skills and in sublime awe of the collaborative energy and inspiration of the process. Indeed, I am still spinning.”

Kevin Quill: Actor, New York NY – 2016

Kevin is a young actor based in New York City. I crafted a website for him that will allow him to expand his photo and video galleries seamlessly as he finds success with new projects and roles. The site is clean, sharp, and easy for Kevin to update himself as new reviews and media roll in. Visit his website at

Dan Santoni Photography, Los Angeles CA – 2015

Visit Dan’s website and explore his photography and Emmy Award-winning VFX work (Game of Thrones! Dragons! Woooo!)