Online Business Coaching is for entrepreneurs who:

  • Have a bright spark of an idea of a business they would like to start, whether online or brick and mortar, or
  • Have a business they’ve started and now find themselves stuck or unsure of how to best present their products, creative work or services online.

Savvy, ambitious leaders can benefit from:

  • A business plan for your online presence
  • Input on appropriate branding, web design and online marketing strategies
  • A map and guide to creating a solid, lucrative business presence to market yourself and engage with potential colleagues and customers online.
  • And much more!

I help business owners and entrepreneurs understand what it takes to succeed online and then coach them towards bringing in the important things: an engaged and supportive online community, qualified leads, and new customers and clients!

Why Online Business Coaching is a WIN!

  • Save hundreds to thousands of dollars in false starts on website development and online marketing
  • Create a natural and effective online presence that has a clear purpose and measurable results
  • Stop feeling overwhelmed by multitudes of online marketing and design options
  • Learn how to maintain your online business presence directly
  • Learn about critical time management skills and tools that will save you from wasting your time on marketing and promotion efforts that are distractions and time-wasters
  • Enjoy running a flourishing business web presence in a creative and profitable way

How It Works

We’ll set up a time to chat, either a la carte as needed, or a set of dedicated sessions which we’ll use to work through short and long term goals as relate to your business and its online presence.

Whether it’s initial planning topics, to design considerations, or long term search and social strategies, we can cover it all. I’ll be there to guide you through your online business management questions and be the catalyst to fresh, bright ideas and marketing solutions.

Why struggle with figuring it out yourself when you can learn from an experienced coach and guide?

My technology background and experience as a business coach and digital marketing consultant uniquely qualifies me to provide the guidance you sorely need.

I offer you 15 years experience in agency, corporate and freelance website design, usability, and advanced search engine marketing initiatives with a talent for managing profitable, high-performance websites. I have worked with clients from solo entrepreneurs and local small businesses to non-profits to legal professionals and industrial/commercial clientele.

What’s Next?

Let’s start a conversation about Online Business Coaching! The first step is to schedule a free, no-obligation discovery call.

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