Internet Marketing Account Manager
Web Project Manager
Digital Marketing Strategist

I am a professional writer and have 15 years of freelance, agency, and corporate experience in business copywriting, SEO, digital marketing, and design and management of WordPress websites and online stores.

I am also a digital artist, exploring glitch art as a medium for expressing my experiences and emotions, and as an adjunct to my poetry and creative writing. I will be building my MFA around creative writing and digital art forms.


• Dual creative and analytical mindset, up to date with trends in content marketing and semantic search

• Excels in curating, writing, formatting, managing and publishing multimedia content via WordPress and Magento CMS

• Ability to work solo or collaboratively, excelling in team building, mentoring, and interpersonal communication

• Trained in business writing and communication, with emphasis on clarity, engagement, education, and creativity

• Skilled in mobile search/responsive design, voice search, schema/structured data, Google Knowledge Graph

• A standout idea generator and communicator who can articulate strategies clearly to diverse audiences

• INFJ—I am a trusted advocate, counselor, and diplomat, with established expertise in client management

• Leveraging SEO/PPC tools for incisive organic and paid search campaign development, research and reporting

• Analyze campaign performance and generate positive and actionable insights from disparate data streams


University of MN–Twin Cities
Bachelor of Arts, HonorsMagna cum Laude, with Distinction

Major: English & Creative Writing
Minor: Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature with focus on horror, Gothic and science fiction literature and film theory. Additional studies in feminism, fairy tales, and folklore.
Honors Senior Thesis: Love & Death in the Gothic Novel (Examined Red Dragon pub. 1981 VS The Monk pub. 1796)

University of St. Thomas
Mini-MBA in Nonprofit Management

Subjects covered: Accounting, Budgeting, Employment Law, Ethics, Fundraising, Human Resource Management, Marketing, Legal Issues, Governance, Program Evaluation, Strategic Planning, Supervision and Leadership, Volunteer Management, Personal Leadership in Action

SEO+M Tools

SEM/O + Lead Gen:

• MOZ Pro
• MOZ Local
• SpyFu (competitor paid/organic analysis + kw research)
• Google Search Console/Analytics
• Bing Webmaster Tools/Analytics
• Google Ads (formerly AdWords)
• Ahrefs, Screaming Frog
• Adobe Analytics (I also have access to the full Adobe Creative Cloud Suite)
• HubSpot
• Raven Tools

CRM + Account/Project/Team Management:

• Salesforce
• Basecamp

Social Media Project Management/Dashboards:

• Hootsuite Pro (includes Twitter, Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube)
• Tweetdeck

Email Marketing:

• Constant Contact
• Mailchimp