Mainstream & Horror / Science Fiction Design

Below are examples of website and logo designs for both mainstream clients and horror/scifi entertainment professionals, artists, writers, and other Creatives. These sites represent both my own work and projects performed in collaboration with other talented graphic artists and web designers.

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Website Re-Design, Launched 8/14/2019

Dan Santoni is one of my dearest clients and friends. We’ve worked together since 2012, with three prior re-designs under our belt, keeping his branding and site usability up to date with changes in web design and SEO over the years.

This project included updates to overall responsiveness and usability across the site on mobile devices, branding and design overhaul, powerfully-responsive photo and galleries with social sharing capabilities, a robust news post/projects area, and full-size image and video headers.

As always, it was a pleasure to help Dan make a splash online! I’m especially looking forward to moving our digital marketing plans forward over the next few months.

Dan Santoni Website Design

Mainstream Designs

Zwaremachine - Industrial Band
Zwaremachine - Industrial Band

Horror, Science Fiction & Alt Culture Designs

David de Lara - Photographer
Mark Souza - Horror & SciFi Author
Horrible Imaginings Film Festival
Chris Alexander - Composer, Filmmaker, Screenwriter
Zwaremachine - Industrial Band
Scream Park - Indie Horror Movie
Kenny Buck - Tattoo Artist
Hellraising Hot Sauce
Chris Kuchta - Horror Artist
Allen Jaeger - Artist & Graphic Designer


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