Mainstream & Horror / Science Fiction Design

Below are examples of website and logo designs for both mainstream clients and horror/scifi entertainment professionals, artists, writers, and other Creatives. These sites represent both my own work and projects performed in collaboration with other talented graphic designers.

If you’d like to book a design project, please contact me for availability and a free consultation.

Mainstream Designs

Zwaremachine - Industrial Band
Zwaremachine - Industrial Band

Horror, Science Fiction & Alt Culture Designs

David de Lara - Photographer
Mark Souza - Horror & SciFi Author
Horrible Imaginings Film Festival
Chris Alexander - Composer, Filmmaker, Screenwriter
Zwaremachine - Industrial Band
Scream Park - Indie Horror Movie
Kenny Buck - Tattoo Artist
Hellraising Hot Sauce
Chris Kuchta - Horror Artist
Allen Jaeger - Artist & Graphic Designer


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I am based in Gilbert, AZ and travel frequently to Los Angeles, CA. I’m happy to schedule in-person meet ups with clients and colleagues in these areas.