The Internet is a Busy Place! Are You Making the Right Moves?

Are you being held up by these and other annoying problems?

  • Your website doesn’t appear in the first 30 search engine results for your most relevant keywords
  • People complain that they can’t ‘use’ your website or quickly find what they need on it
  • You suspect that your web designer didn’t quite have a handle on SEO and search marketing
  • Visitors leave your e-commerce site before completing their purchase
  • Visitors have time to make a cup of coffee while your website loads
  • Your developer built the site for his favorite pet browser (i.e. the site breaks in everything except Google Chrome)
  • Your site’s code is causing the site to perform poorly
  • Your site breaks or is unusable on mobile devices

These challenges are easy to identify, and there are many more that only reveal themselves to experienced eyes.

Low Cost Brief to Comprehensive Website Assessments

A website or SEO assessment can provide you useful tips on improving your website’s design and usability, using smart internet marketing strategies, and show you how you can increase traffic, conversions and profits.

After the research and analysis is complete, you’ll receive a report containing smart, immediately actionable tips for improving your site’s design and search engine marketing strategies.

Your website assessment will contain advice on web or blog design, internet marketing, social media and reputation management strengths, and other weaknesses, opportunities and strategies geared to your website and client base!

I will help you pinpoint your site’s weaknesses and opportunities and give you the chance to improve your web presence and increase qualified traffic and profits.

As business websites, and each business owner’s goals, are different, the audit may include or exclude various areas of analysis, and may include analysis and strategies not listed below. But don’t worry, we’ll nail all of that down during our initial consultation.

What’s Working for Your Competition?

In addition to analyzing your website’s search engine ranking, use of keywords and basic SEO practices, design, conversion analysis and usability, I can also evaluate one of your top competitors if you wish, to gain insight into what’s working (or not working) for them.

A comprehensive website audit can give you insight on:

  • Your website’s design strengths and weaknesses, and overall usability
  • Your site’s health and performance in organic (non-paid) search results
  • Your online business’s local search optimization and insights on your local competition’s online presence
  • How you can make immediate improvements to increase site traffic and onsite conversions (calls, contact form submissions, purchases, etc)
  • How to build repeat business and create lasting relationships with your clients and fans
  • Analysis of your competition’s paid search programs and ad spend (Google Ads/PPC)

Competitor Analysis

Does the competition have MORE traffic, BETTER traffic, PAYING traffic?

Wondering what’s working (or not working) for your competitors online? Curious to know how they’re spending their money in paid search (Google Ads/PPC) campaigns or how you can leverage in-depth knowledge about their websites and marketing strengths to boost YOUR website’s performance?

I will evaluate one (or more, if requested) of your top competitors and provide you a report on what’s working or not for them, which you can use to build or adjust your own online marketing strategies.

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