alone and wicked
the prodigal drifter
a manBeast growling
outside my Lodge
yearning for communion with my
shapeshifter’s heart

wicked and lonely
lost in your eyes
a mirrored maze
your smile promising pain

I offered you
a dreamless sleep in my Den
you reclined on the furs
skin glowing in the firelight

You allowed me to touch you-
to trace your story with my fingertips.
I divined your bloodthirsty soul
from the needlesharp violations of your flesh,
secrets drawn in the blackest of ink

at that moment
you were stitched and stung into my heart
with metal and ink and bone

you pierced me with your tongue
branded me with your scent

I begged you

strike me
let your venom seep
into my secret places,
where my Fires gyrate

strike me
and leave me kneeling
stung and paralyzed
in the blinking firefly light

you slipped into me
as you sank your
white teeth in,
breaking my skin

a drop of blood ran free-
a red wet trail of violation and need

you slid in and I gasped
tight with your light and heat

you burned away the scar tissue
you burned away the memories

your tongue engraved ancient texts
of green and yellow fire
along my skin,

my soul’s horrors
into red-eyed lyrebirds and
white wolves
bursting from my chest
streaming into the starlit woods

towards the dawn

racing away


~ @BreaCorwin

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