Brea Corwin

Website Designer
Digital Artist

For fifteen years, my professional writing and design skills have supported all sorts of talented, brilliant and driven people. I’ve held both on-site and remote senior-level Digital Marketing Strategist positions at award-winning design and marketing agencies.

My freelance design and writing clients include Emmy-winning horror and science fiction entertainment professionals, FX artists, musicians, writers, performance and visual artists, solopreneurs, genre film festivals and more.

Even the mundane benefits from my deft verbal touch. Need industrial web copy? No one makes sheet metal fabrication sound sexier!

At the completion of some of my finer freelance projects, more than one client has said, “*insert expletive* Now I have to live up to what you made for me! You made me look AMAZING!”

That’s what I do.

But now, it’s my turn.

My most heartfelt and talented work has always taken a back seat to a day job or freelance projects. Over the span of my career, I’ve made other people’s talents and dreams discoverable and profitable and lovingly built new and amazing lives online for my clients, allowing them to grow, evolve and find real success.

This website, and everything to come of it, is the result of a couple of years chewing on who I am as a writer and artist.

I was looking for that Thing within me who spills out in verse like broken glass and gravel piles of prose under certain lights and influences, in distressed, hyper-energized, and overstimulating environments, all red places, and full of bodies…

Finally, I found Him. Her. Them. Everything. The faceless vapors singing in reds, blues and purples, those starlit dreaming spirits with story upon story to tell.

My studies and influences include: horror, sci-fi, fantasy, fairy tales and folklore, dark/apocalyptic fiction, the odd and freaky, memoir and truthPlay, magical realism, fabulism, and the occasional not-too-wretched poem.


University of MN–Twin Cities
Bachelor of Arts, HonorsMagna cum Laude, with Distinction

Major: English & Creative Writing
Minor: Cultural Studies and Comparative Literature with focus on horror, Gothic and science fiction literature and film theory. Additional studies in feminism, fairy tales, and folklore.
Honors Senior Thesis: Love & Death in the Gothic Novel (Examined Red Dragon pub. 1981 VS The Monk pub. 1796)


I grew up a pygmy goat-breeding, horse-riding, poetry scribbling, KROQ listening beach creature in southern California in the late ’70s and through the ’80s and ’90s. I lived in Minneapolis, MN for twelve years and Austin, TX for seven years before moving back to Minnesota in April 2017.

While traveling through Europe, I visited: Amsterdam, Hanover, Berlin, Leipzig, Prague, Munich, Vienna, Strasbourg, Le Havre, Sheffield and London, England and scores of other unsung locations off the beaten path. There was a good bit of hitchhiking.

While in Ireland, I visited: Rosslare, Dingle, Cliffs of Moher, Doolin, Galway, Lisdoonvarna, Ennis, Dublin, and many more locales. For a couple of years, I went offgrid and lived in a wee coastal town in County Clare, Ireland. I worked in pubs and restaurants, hiked around the Burren moonscape, read things, wrote things, and hitchhiked up and down the west coast.